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SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Shows Off His Unexpected Friendship With BTS’s Jungkook

Seungkwan talked about their close friendship.

The friendship between SEVENTEEN and BTS is still going strong. While they are all in the same company, the 97-line friendship between Jungkook and Mingyu is the main driver of the bond between the groups.

Mingyu and Jungkook.

That was why fans were surprised to find out that Jungkook was also close to another SEVENTEEN member, Seungkwan.

Seungkwan is a year younger than Jungkook, but it doesn’t stop them from being good friends. In fact, Jungkook is the one who calls Seungkwan to express just how much he misses him! During a live stream on October 4, 2023, Seungkwan talked about his close friendship with the star. Jungkook had called Seungkwan during the stream, causing the stream to be momentarily cut off.

Jungkook hyung called me. Hyung is so famous for doing many Weverse lives. So he called me, and asked if I was living well, and said that he misses me. Well, I see him I from time to time. It’s funny to be like, oh yeah I know him. But anyway, I do know him. So when he asked what I was doing, I said I was on Weverse live. He thought his voice was on air, so he greeted everyone like “Oh CARATs, hello!” I said that the live stream got cut off because he called. He said sorry about it and that he would end the call. I asked if I could tell you guys Jungkook called, and he said of course. Whoppingly, it was Jungkook hyung who said he missed me.

— Seungkwan

We need a selfie or dance challenge with the two ASAP!



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