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SHINee’s Key Chooses The SM Entertainment Artist He’d Form A Unit With

The two of them together would be powerful.

Since SM Entertainment has supergroups like SuperM and GOT the beat, Elle Korea magazine asked SHINee‘s Key which of his labelmates he would like to form a unit with.


Because Key debuted in the second generation, he admitted it would be a bit “awkward” to work closely with his SM juniors that were “a lot younger.

He also took them into consideration. Key thought “they would feel uncomfortable as well.” So he chose someone a bit older than him but was a dear friend.

He chose his friend Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon and already figured out the concept. Since they were so close, Key rejected any sexy concepts. He thought a dance song would suit them best.

They would give everyone a duo that’s needed right now. Key explained, “We don’t have any male and female duets these days, so I think it’d be fun.

If the charismatic besties become a unit, the experienced performers would tear up the stage.

Key and Taeyeon. | @bumkeyk/Instagram

Listen to Key plan the unit with Taeyeon that could happen in the future.



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