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SM Entertainment Employee’s Damning Post “Exposing” EXO-CBX Goes Viral

“There are hundreds of your slaves here…”

An SM Entertainment employee’s post criticizing EXO-CBX has since gone viral.

From left: Chen, Baekhyun, Xiumin | SM Entertainment

On June 6, an online post titled “SM Employee’s Thoughts Regarding ChenBaekXi” went viral.

In the post, the author uploads a post from the BLIND app. The BLIND app is a messaging forum used by verified employees. Korean employees use the app to write anonymously about their company.

SM Entertainment office | Yonhap News

In their post titled “Second Statement? The Way They Talk Is Really Offending Me,” an SM Entertainment employee writes about their thoughts on the controversy surrounding EXO-CBX’s departure.

The writer starts off criticizing EXO-CBX’s request for documents alleging they are company secrets while alluding to the artists as “freelancers” and “contracted workers.”

The company’s accounting documents are company secrets, so how are we supposed to give them to freelancers and contracted employees (artists)? We even made an artist-only space for you to come to inquire and look over the documents…

— SM Entertainment employee

According to the employee, the idols were given ample opportunity to speak about their misgivings about their payment. The employee also criticizes their allegation stating they were forced to sign 17-18 year contracts.

That’s why you guys turned the accounting room into a “truth” room and held one of the accountants to verify when you ate and how much you ate and asked to split costs between other members. It’s also funny how you guys are saying you were forced to sign 17-18 year contracts when it was you who consented to it.

You guys are adults who are able to think, decide, and take accountability for your actions, so it seems to bewilder you that we brought up a third party, but it bewilders me even more that you guys fought for favorable splits in your second contract and now are acting as if you guys were rookies and so were scared not to sign. You guys have been top stars for so long…

— SM Entertainment employee

The employee further pushed back on the notion that EXO-CBX were naive rookies when they re-signed.

If you guys are talking about your first payment settlement, I would understand your argument stating you guys were rookies and naive, but were you guys rookies when you re-signed? You guys weren’t rookies, but you made the decision (to re-sign) when you were top stars, and now you are claiming (you were rookies)…

— SM Entertainment employee

The employee then challenged EXO-CBX’s earlier statement that the label mistreated them, stating the label had done nothing but support artists. The employee goes on to claim that the motive behind the idol’s departure is money.

I seriously laughed out loud when you wrote about the agency’s perception of its artists. There are hundreds of your slaves here. I knew you were someone who didn’t appreciate the label’s employees, but the way your worded your earlier statement is amazing. We are the label that kept a father (celebrity) of two kids, even if he doesn’t make the label any money. There are so many employees here who are upset that they have to tippy-toe around our precious artists for fear they get offended. Of the artist we tippy-toe around most is EXO, so to hear these words come out of your mouth is unbelievable.

I also think it is crazy that fans criticize the label after reading the articles… The reason why your oppas want to leave so badly is because of money. They may be crying about the group saying We Are One, but just like how people raise their salaries and transfer companies, they (artists) are just trying to get a bigger share of the pie. They don’t care about keeping the team together!!! They claimed that they offered a way to keep EXO together after their departure after trying to break their contract for ridiculous reasons. Why are the artists making that kind of offer, to begin with? Because the agency that has to defend the contract will definitely not be able to accept that offer. That’s why. So that if they are kicked out of EXO, they can say, Aww, we wanted to stay in EXO ㅠ but the label didn’t let us ㅠ. It’s so transparent that they are doing this for money without any accountability.

— SM Entertainment employee

The employee then states that the reason SM Entertainment artists have large expenses is due to the services they ask of the agency.

Some of our artists feel that SM Entertainment charges them too much for certain services after listening to artists at other labels, but please understand that we aren’t making up expenses, but that these are the expenses that occur from treating you like A-list stars. If you aren’t happy with it, then ask us to take out those services… (But you guys get upset if we do…)”

— SM Entertainment employee

The employee finishes her post by stating that the agency’s employees are doing their best to accommodate their artists.

Even if you aren’t popular as you once were, we do our best to still treat you as if you are the best… I was amazed when I heard that previously, an artist heard some ridiculous advice elsewhere and asked to lower their expenses and raise their guarantee and asked to see all of the accounting documents.  And when we did oblige them and cut their services, they made a fuss about us mistreating them… I wish that the artists weren’t influenced by the accounts of other artists and objectively examined the situation and their own popularity. Especially when the label’s employees are getting paid so little but still grind their bones for their artists…

The label isn’t some evil syndicate that takes artists’ money but is their partners… Please. You will learn once you set up your own labels where you can take all the money… Better yet, just please go to the label you have been talking to and experience an even worse accounting process.

— SM Entertainment employee

Previously, EXO-CBX asked to terminate their contract with SM Entertainment. The idols alleged that they had not received accounting documents, despite asking for them several times.

Here Is EXO-CBX’s Full Statement Regarding Terminating Their Contract With SM Entertainment

In response, SM Entertainment accused Big Planet Made of colluding before announcing that they would open their accounting books for the idols.

SM Entertainment Accuses Big Planet Made Of Attempting To Poach EXO’s Chen, Baekhyun, And Xiumin

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