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SM Entertainment Slammed For “Forcing” NCT’s Haechan Out Of Hiatus Early

The hiatus was very short.

Fans have accused SM Entertainment of “rushing” NCT‘s Haechan out of his hiatus.

NCT’s Haechan | SBS

Haechan is one of the most busy members of the group, as he is active in both NCT DREAM and NCT 127. The two units often have schedules that are closely timed, leading him and Mark to work continuously.

Last year, Haechan was announced to be suffering from heart palpitations, discomfort, and more. He was then placed on a hiatus through NCT 127’s The Link  North and Latin America tours, returning to activities ahead of NCT 127’s comeback on January 30.

Haechan for “Ay-Yo” | SM Entertainment

Almost exactly one year later, Haechan was first announced to miss the January 7 date of NCT 127’s Nagoya’s dates before a full hiatus was announced due to him having tonsilitis.

NCT’s Haechan To Take Hiatus From Promoting

Tonsilitis’ recovery time can last up to a week, and many assumed that Haechan would be on hiatus for at least twice that amount of time to recover fully. Messages sent via Bubble by the artist on January 7 seemed to confirm these thoughts as he explained how badly he felt.

| Dear. U Bubble

HaechanI’m so bummed, I apologize.
HaechanMy fever went up to 39 degrees this morning, so I had no choice but to rest. I know I said I wouldn’t get sick anymore. I’m terribly sorry that I couldn’t keep that promise…
HaechanBut I’ll get well ASAP. I promise to take my meds, eat well, and recover soon!

On January 9, Haechan relayed that he was feeling much better after feeling pain while even drinking water as SM Entertainment announced he would be on hiatus with his future participation in schedules depending on his recovery.

| Dear. U Bubble

I think I’m halfway there. Before, it was painful to even drink water. But yesterday, once I got to Korea, I got my shots and took the meds on time. And my mom has been basically forcing me to eat all her food. Drinking a lot of water and sleeping a lot have been helping, too. I’m getting better, for sure. I’m sorry for making you all wait, and I promise to make a full recovery ASAP so I can see you all!

— NCT Haechan

Of course, fans were glad to hear the idol was on the road to recovery but were surprised to see him at the airport on January 11 with the rest of NCT 127 ahead of their schedules in Jakarta.


While Haechan may have chosen to return to schedules himself, fans have accused SM of forcing the idol to end his hiatus earlier than it should have and are concerned for his health.




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