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SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man Shocks Fans After Teasing New NCT Global Subunits

Could NCT could be gaining more members in the future?

One of the most unique K-Pop groups has to be NCT. Since debuting, the group has continued to grow with a large number of subunits.

The members of NCT | SM Entertainment

Whether it’s NCT, NCT DREAM, NCT 127, WayV, or NCT U, the idols in the group have shown diversity with different concepts, personalities, and stages.

NCT 127’s song “2 Baddies” | SMTOWN/YouTube

NCT DREAM’s song “Glitch Mode” | SMTOWN/YouTube

WayV’s performance video for “Action Figure” | SMTOWN/YouTube     

Well, it seems like there might be new units that have netizens shocked.

Recently, news outlet CNBC released an article where they revealed emails allegedly sent to them by SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo Man. In the report, the outlet explained that the company is planning to set up its Southeast Asian headquarters in Singapore as part of its expansion plans in the region.


Alongside this news, Lee Soo Man shared some of the upcoming schedules for the group. While revealing that SuperM will be making a comeback announcement in early 2023, he reportedly shared some exciting news about new subunits for NCT.

The first subunit announced was NCT Tokyo and this didn’t surprise fans as it has been rumored for some time, especially with the Japanese members Yuta and Shotaro.

NCT’s Shotaro (left) and Yuta (right) | @showyou_dtv/Twitter

Yet, it was the second name that had netizens surprised as it explained, “He also plans to create new groups, or subunits — NCT Saudi and NCT Tokyo.”


Earlier in the article, the founder even suggested that there might be a possibility of NCT Singapore, with the article saying, “Lee added that he’d be keen on creating a K-pop group, NCT Singapore if the opportunity arose, but it’s unclear if plans are underway.”


When the news was announced, netizens definitely had interesting reactions to the article. While most were shocked by the news, many explained that SM should focus on the NCT members they have instead of planning for further groups.

Although these may just be plans, and there are no set plans for the units, it has definitely caused a buzz on social media.




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