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“So F*cking Hot!” — SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo “Out-Visuals” Himself At The “38th Golden Disc Awards”

It’s turning into an annual thing.

SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo is a talented idol whose good looks always stand out, regardless of what he is wearing.


Last year, Wonwoo’s looks at the 37th Golden Disc Awards went viral, as non-fans over his effortly gorgeous good looks.

Now, a year later, Wonwoo has gained attention yet again for being hot AF!

SEVENTEEN were among the many groups attending the 38th Golden Disc Awards in Jakarta, looking stunning on the red carpet.

And while Wonwoo’s red carpet look was definitely one for the books…

…it was his look after the group performed that caught everyone’s eye!

The group performed wearing gold and black outfits that had a princely air to them. Wonwoo’s featured a deeper V than his red carpet look, and this, combined with his longer hair, made him look like he came straight out of a fairy tale.

When the group returned to their seats, Wonwoo lost the outfit’s jacket and somehow managed to get even hotter. Fans declared that this look had dethroned his look from last year’s award show.

Clips of the idol hit thousands of views, proving just how powerful his visuals are.

Just goes to show that Wonwoo is always a hot topic!




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