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Taeyong “Despises” An NCT Member… Because Of His MBTI?

“We despise each other very much” 😂

NCT‘s Taeyong recently made his solo comeback with his second solo EP, TAP, on February 26, 2024.

The NCT leader’s promotions for his new single are well underway, with fun variety show appearances, behind-the-scenes content releases, and two solo concerts, TY TRACK, held on February 24 and 25.

NCT’s Taeyong | @nct/Instagram

To celebrate his solo comeback, Taeyong appeared on 1theK’s original series, IDDP.

During the video, the NCT member searched his name on the web and responded to trending posts, fans’ stories about him, his official profile, and even scrolled through posts on popular online community boards such as TheQoo and Instiz.

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| 1theK Originals – 원더케이 오리지널/YouTube

As Taeyong fact-checked fan-submitted online information, he came across the section of his profile that stated he had two MBTI personality types.

Taeyong shared that when he took the personality test, his first result was INTP, but he’s recently been getting ENTP as a result.

Although he’s had mixed results, Taeyong revealed that he is “certain” he’s ENTP because of the fact that he heard “ENTPs loathe each other.

He explained that fellow NCT member Johnny‘s MBTI type is also ENTP and jokingly said they “despise each other very much.

He revealed that because ENTPs know each other “very well,” they often “hate each other.

Of course, Taeyong did not mean it literally and clarified that he and Johnny like to “poke fun at each other sometimes” because of their shared MBTI type.

The NCT leader considers the group his family and revealed that he’s especially close with the members of NCT 127.

Check out Taeyong’s full IDDP interview below!




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