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Thai Teen TikToker Becomes Viral Sensation In Korea For Looking Like BLACKPINK Rosé

Even Korean media outlets have begun highlighting the resemblance!

TikToker @paerploytae from Thailand started posting videos in March 2021, but it was in the months of August to September of 2022 that the account “went viral” and took off.

TikToker @paerploytae | @paerploytae/Instagram

Dazzling in blonde hair, @paerploytae can be seen posing around town—in a manner that the internet has since recognized to be “very BLACKPINK’s Rosé-esque.” 

BLACKPINK’s Rosé | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

Some of these latest videos by @paerploytae have garnered up to millions of views…


👖💖 ig : @byarwishh 🫶🏻

♬ 踊り子 – Vaundy

…as the internet continues to marvel over the undeniable resemblance between the Thai teen and the K-Pop superstar!

This TikToker is now an overnight viral sensation, especially in South Korea, where giant online communities like Nate Pann and theqoo have picked up on the videos capturing the similarities between @paerploytae and Rosé.


wanna date me?>

♬ Green Tea & Honey – Dane Amar & Jereena Montemayor

Pointing out the fact that @paerploytae not only looks like Rosé but also “acts like” Rosé, Koreans have affectionately nicknamed @paerploytae “Rosé-gongie,” as a twist on the name of the popular YouTuber Minseogongie who, in the past, went viral for his resemblance to actor Park Bo Gum.

YouTuber Minseogongie (left) and actor Park Bo Gum (right) | OSEN

Not a lot is known about the idol doppelgänger @paerploytae other than what is public on the TikTok account. As evident from the videos, however, this 18-year-old TikToker is fashionable and talented—and beautiful in their own way, regardless of their resemblance to Rosé!

| theqoo

  • “Rosé-gongie, HAHAHA. That’s so funny, LOL.”
  • “They do look alike, LOL. How cute! So good at imitating Rosé, too!”
  • “The TikToker is so good at acting like Rosé, too. Hahaha.”
  • “Whaaat?! LOL. I see the resemblance in not only their looks, but their behaviors, too.”
  • “LOL! Rosé-gongie! Is the TikToker Korean? The resemblance is uncanny.”
  • “Hahaha!”
  • “This is so weird! And look how the TikToker even copies Rosé’s attitude, haha. It’s maddening.”
  • “What even is this, hahahaha.”
  • “There are split seconds in the videos that the TikToker really, really looks like Rosé, though.”
  • “LOL. This makes me angry for some reason, haha.”
  • “Seriously, though. Everything about this TikToker is Rosé-esque.”

Check out @paerploytae’s most popular video here.



♬ original sound – seren ✵ / mystiques_gf

Source: Wikitree and theqoo




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