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The 6 Female Idols Who Are All Part Of BLACKPINK Jennie’s Star-Studded Friendship Group

Who wouldn’t want to be friends with BLACKPINK‘s Jennie? Unfortunately, most of us have no hope of making it into her inner circle—but thankfully, we can enjoy her star friendships from afar. Here are 6 female idols who are all part of Jennie’s enviable K-Pop entourage.

On an episode of Weekly Idol, Red Velvet‘s Irene shared that she first met Jennie at a beauty shop. Ever since then, the two singers have been besties—and fans have been lucky enough to enjoy numerous interactions between them.

The first time they interacted in public was when Jennie unexpectedly called Irene at her birthday party with fans. Calling to show Irene something secret, Jennie quickly hung up once she realised her friend was busy. But, she did manage to make a very important announcement before she left: “I’m a Luvie too!”.

From that moment on, Jenrene continued to grow—from international lunch dates (where their fight over the bill made them an internet phenomenon) to sending each other gifts to sweetly promoting each other’s songs on music shows.

Jennie’s friendship with TWICE‘s Nayeon came to light to fans when an old selfie that showed trainee-aged Jennie, Jisoo and Nayeon surfaced the internet. Given that the selfie was taken before debut, it’s solid proof that Jennie and Nayeon have a long-lasting friendship that’s upheld the trials of time and busy schedules. You know, just things the queens of K-Pop have to deal with!

In recent years, there two idols have shared multiple moments together, such as Jennie making Nayeon giggle from the audience during a performance.

And in true pretty girl fashion, they take the best photos together.

Seems like Jennie has found many good friends in Red Velvet! While all the “BlackVelvet” members love each other, Jennie’s friendship with Red Velvet’s Yeri is one of the standouts.

Just a few weeks ago, Yeri was spotted watching and commenting on Jennie’s live broadcast. Many fans didn’t realise how close the two were until Jennie invited Red Velvet’s maknae to join her via video feed. Yeri started singing “How You Like That” right off the bat—a true sign of a great friendship.

Of course, Jennie and Yeri have shown their bond in the past too. They constantly comment on each other’s Instagram posts and always interact during award shows.

We have “How You Like That” music show promotions to thank for the newfound friendship between Jennie and Weki Meki‘s lead vocalist Doyeon. Not long ago, Jennie shared an adorable selfie of the two of them together on Instagram.

In the story’s caption, Jennie explained she met Doyeon during music show promotions. Weki Meki were performing their new song “Oopsy” right alongside BLACKPINK. Jennie also posted a cute video of Doyeon lip syncing to BLACKPINK’s latest single. Promo is what great friends are for!

Former Melody Day member Chahee is one of the inactive stars of yesteryear to make it into Jennie’s entourage. Their Instagram posts and cute pictures give fans plenty of to fawn over, from cute lunch dates to best friend outings together.

| @hichaheebye/Instagram

Just like Nayeon, Chahee has been one of Jennie’s close friends for years. She, Jennie, and former Hello Venus member Lime have all been besties since their high school days.

| @hichaheebye/Instagram

Of course, Jennie’s friendship group wouldn’t be complete without a fellow well-known 96-liner. Fans have spotted evidence of Jennie and GFRIEND Yerin‘s friendship on several occasions.

One of their earliest interactions was in 2017, where Yerin was spotted walking with Jennie at the end of an awards show—much to fans’ surprise.

Upon closer inspection, fans found more evidence of their close bond—Jennie cutely throwing Yerin hearts as she was performing, to which Yerin responded with the sweetest giggles and touching looks.



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