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The Girl Groups That Helped Actor Kang Ha Neul Through His Military Service

He wasn’t interested in K-Pop idols until he heard them.

When recalling his time in the military, actor Kang Ha Neul told the Radio Star cast that his training camp only allowed “military songs, military anthems, and wake-up songs” to play throughout their days. But that all changed one day.

They finally played a song that “felt like a sound from Heaven” for Kang Ha Neul. It turned out to be Sunmi‘s “Gashina”, which sparked his interest in listening to K-Pop. He even named the girl groups that helped him through his military service.

The first group he remembered enjoying was EXID. Kang Ha Neul told Hani that “DDD” was super popular among the military men.

Kang Ha Neul also named OH MY GIRL and Red Velvet as the other groups that were popular during his service.

Without those girl groups to listen to, Kang Ha Neul and his fellow soldiers wouldn’t have been able to “become humans from zombies” to escape their tedious cleaning routines.

Kang Ha Neul | TH Company

See the female K-Pop artists who helped the actor and his fellow soldiers through their military service.



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