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The K-Pop Group That Sells The Most Merch In SM Entertainment’s Store, According To Staff

“It’s still, without a doubt…”

SM Entertainment is headquartered in Seoul Forest, with a sprawling company building that includes a cafe, a museum, a gift shop with goods featuring SM Entertainment artists, and more.

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| SM Entertainment

For his popular program Jeonyeokja, actor Lee Yi Kyung took viewers along as he visited SM Entertainment’s merch store for the first time and gained exclusive access to the company building, thanks to his friend, SHINee‘s Minho, where he ran into NCT‘s Taeyong.

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Lee Yi Kyung (left) and NCT’s Taeyong (right) | ootb STUDIO/YouTube

During the episode, Lee Yi Kyung interviewed a few of the shop owners within the area, including staff members who worked at Kwangya, SM’s official merch shop.

Lee Yi Kyung was taken by aespa‘s merch when he entered, purchasing a few items featuring aespa’s leader Karina, including new photo cards.

As he spoke with staff members, he asked them which artist sold the most merchandise, and they revealed it was “without a doubt” SM Entertainment’s boy group, NCT.

Check out more of the inside look at SM Entertainment’s company building in the video below!




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