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The One Idol Korean Netizens Think SM Entertainment Will Never Let Go Of

There’s plenty reasons why ????

In a recent viral post on TheQoo, one of Korea’s popular community sites, netizens dove into a spirited discussion, posing the question: Is there an idol that SM Entertainment would never part ways with? The resounding answer was none other than NCT‘s Mark.

| SM Entertainment

This viral post has garnered a staggering 55,100 views and counting in just over an hour, accompanied by more than 450 animated comments. The general sentiment is this: The vast world of K-Pop is full of talented stars, but few shine as brightly and consistently as Mark.

But what makes Mark so indispensable to SM Entertainment? Here’s what netizens think are his irreplaceable qualities.

| @onyour__mark/Instagram

1. All-Rounder Magic

There are many idols in the industry who excel in a particular skill, be it singing, dancing, or rapping. However, Mark’s talent portfolio is a trifecta of excellence. He can belt out vocals with ease, drop rap lines with impeccable flair, and bust out dance moves that leave fans gasping for breath. This versatility positions him as an asset to any project SM undertakes.

2. The Backbone of NCT

Mark’s work ethic is legendary. Despite being a part of all active NCT units, he remains undeterred and is renowned for his unyielding dedication. Juggling schedules that would overwhelm most, Mark has solidified his reputation as a stalwart member, consistently delivering performances that electrify stages and steal hearts.

This year alone Mark is set to take part on 4 album releases and has been part of 3 different tours. | SM Entertainment

3. Chameleon of Concepts

Over the years, we’ve seen NCT take on a myriad of concepts – from the rebellious and edgy to the soulful and mellow. Mark’s adaptability is such that he can effortlessly fit into any concept, adding his unique charm and presence. This adaptability makes him a go-to member for SM when experimenting with new themes or sounds.

| SM Entertainment
| SM Entertainment

4. Golden Personality

Beyond the stage, Mark’s affable and down-to-earth demeanor has won over fans and colleagues alike. In an industry where controversies can make or break careers, Mark’s genuine nature and humility set him apart. His good-hearted personality not only endears him to fans but also fosters a positive work environment, making collaborations smooth and enjoyable.

Given all these compelling reasons, it’s clear why Mark holds a special place in the hearts of fans and, evidently, within the strategic plans of SM Entertainment. He’s not just an idol —  he’s a brand, an ambassador, and a testament to the kind of talent SM nurtures and treasures.




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