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The Part Of TXT’s Yeonjun’s Body That Netizens Are Currently Gushing Over

It might not be what you’d expect!

While there doesn’t seem to be a definitive “It Boy” of the fourth generation of K-Pop, many may argue that it should be TXT‘s Yeonjun.

Yeonjun (TXT)

And he really does have it all — talent, charisma, incredible stage presence, a lovely personality, and of course, killer visuals!

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He has a unique look that’s appealing to many TXT fans, and it’s really no wonder that so many brands want to collaborate with him as their model.

And recently, one part of Yeonjun’s body has been gaining a particularly high amount of attention from netizens, to the point where it has even become the topic of conversation on online forums!

The body part in question? His collarbones.

Titled “TXT Yeonjun’s collarbones are crazy”, a post on the forum shares numerous pictures that showcase the K-Pop idol’s very defined and very pretty collarbones.

There have been numerous outfits that Yeonjun has worn that have really showcased his unique and well-defined collarbones, and we can’t get enough!

Many people have commented on the post sharing their own appreciation for this part of Yeonjun’s body, as well as for his handsome visuals as a whole.

  • “His bone structure is honestly pretty”
  • “+ His square shoulders. I don’t really like when men wear sleeveless tops, but Choi Yeonjun looks good in them”
  • “Knets are so right for realizing this, Yeonjun’s collarbone is stunning… It’s very defined with like no fat on it, and his shoulders are also broad so his upper half is just very pretty in general. That’s why he always looks so hot with clothing w deep necklines fr. But he also looks good no matter what so…”
  • “There’s something about him… I can’t explain it but there’s really something, so he’s hot”
  • “Face and body, it’s easy to know why the fashion industry wants him”
  • “He’s so hot I’m gonna be sick”
  • “Even his back is pretty ㅠㅠ”

There’s no part of Yeonjun that isn’t gorgeous, but we agree that his collarbones are particularly beautiful!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa




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