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The Reason Why EXO Refuses To Perform “Obsession” Again, As Captured In One Video Clip

“Obsession” was an unforgettable era…for the members as well.

EXO is an SM Entertainment boy group with numerous hits under their belt.

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There is one song, however, that most of the members refuse to perform: “Obsession.” Only eldest member Xiumin, who was in the army during this promotional period, was willing to take it on again.

The members have never hidden their honest impression that it is difficult to perform live. When LE SSERAFIM‘s Eunchae told them she wanted to cover it, they suggested she pick another song.

A video being circulated among many fans nowadays showcases exactly why the members consider it “hell difficulty.”

It was fan-taken footage from the live X-EXO version of the song and it captured their immense fatigue at the end of the performance.

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Though the members held on to their composure until the very end…

…they dropped to the ground as soon as the cameras stopped rolling!

Sehun and Chanyeol even tiredly removed their jackets after feeling overheated due to the intensity of the song.

As other live videos of EXO performing “Obsession” further show, it has an incredibly tiring dance that features popping, frequent position changes, and large and intricate movements alike.

To top it all off, the song itself is difficult to sing. After a movement-heavy rap verse, for instance, Chen had to do a high note while dancing without rest right afterwards.

With its fast and heavy beats, it is not EXO’s top song of choice if they want an easy time.

Check out the “Obsession” dance practice video below to further see just how tiring it is to perform.




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