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The Reason Why SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Is Being Dubbed A “Social Unicorn”

“That’s not a social butterfly that’s a social unicorn.”

SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan appeared on the latest episode of Lee Hyeri‘s talk show, Hyeri’s Club. The two discussed a variety of topics while eating and drinking, and at one point, the topic of the idol’s social life came up.


Seungkwan shares that he has a lot of people’s phone numbers, and Hyeri replies that fans were curious about him being a big social butterfly.

Seungkwan (SK): I have a lot of phone numbers, so…

Hyeri (HR): They were curious about that. You’re a big social butterfly.

SK: Yes.

Seungkwan (SEVENTEEN)

Hyeri also mentions how everyone likes Seungkwan, which is how he knows so many people! This has made fans curious about his list of contacts.

HR: You know a lot of people, and everyone likes you. They were curious about how many people you have in your contacts.

SK: I don’t have…

HR: I seem like a social butterfly right? But I really don’t have a lot in my contacts.

SK: I don’t have that much.

HR: I’ll reveal it since you’re doing it.


That’s when Seungkwan reveals he has over 800 people in his contacts!

SK: 802? Isn’t this not that much? Is it a lot?

HR: 802?!

SK: I don’t have a lot that I keep in touch with among them.

HR: [Shows Seungkwan her contacts]

SK: Are you someone who cuts people off without hesitation?

HR: 214.

SK: I have about four times more.


They chalk it up to personality differences between them.

HR: ENFP is a bit different. We’re a bit different, you really are a social butterfly.

SK: It is so. Someone who is like I, although she’s an E, is Hyeri. I am someone who wants to be I, but is an E.

You can watch the clip of the interaction here.

Fans can’t help but be amused by Seungkwan’s revelation, and are calling him a “social unicorn” or “inssa”/”인싸”, which means “insider” or “popular kid”.






You can watch the whole episode below! The discussion about Seungkwan’s social life starts around 9:30.

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa




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