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Then Vs. Now: TWICE’s Dahyun Rejecting Boys And Breaking Hearts In K-Pop Music Videos

One was released back in 2014!

TWICE‘s Dahyun has a theme going on for the MVs she stars in, and it’s none other than breaking hearts! When it comes to rejecting boys on camera, she clearly knows how to get it done.

TWICE’s Dahyun | @dahhyunnee/Instagram

She has appeared in music videos by GOT7 and DAY6’s Young K. Because the two were filmed years apart, some things have changed while others have not. Check them out below!

GOT7’s “Stop stop it”

Back in 2014, Dahyun was the protagonist of GOT7’s “Stop stop it.” She played the role of a high school girl who was called to the rooftop for a confession.

Unfortunately for Jay B, she didn’t hear what he had to say—not that she cared much to begin with.

With a cool flick of her head, she nonchalantly turned around and left him standing on the ledge by himself, much to his disbelief. Better luck next time!

DAY6 Young K’s “nothing but”

Recently, Young K dropped his music video for “nothing but” starring the TWICE member. This time around, she was given a mature role with a somber and heavy atmosphere.

With tears in her eyes, she retuned the ring that she wore on her finger and broke up with him, effectively breaking his heart.

Years may have passed since Dahyun first starred in a music video, but what hasn’t changed is her ability to capture fans with her role! Here’s to hoping she quickly appears in another acting project.

Meanwhile, learn how Dahyun realized she’d become an idol after filming “Stop stop it” in the article below.

TWICE’s Dahyun Knew She’d Become An Idol After Starring In GOT7’s MV, Here’s Why



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