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They Called Him A “Ch*nk” — Restaurant Apologizes For Staff That Used Racist And Derogatory Terms Against NCT Dream’s Chenle

He was spotted with “EXchange” Tae Yi.

A restaurant in the upscale Apgujeong district of Seoul has apologized for its staff. The staff used derogatory and racist terms against NCT Dream’s Chenle in an Instagram story. Chenle had gone to visit Aewol Sikdang, a restaurant specializing in barbecued black pork from Jeju.

The staff uploaded an Instagram story with a photo of Chenle, along with the caption, “NCT’s Chenle in real time.

| theqoo

Uploading real time photos of celebrities on social media is an invasion of their privacy, and can cause problems such as stalking and crowding. This is why most fans who run into their idols by coincidence upload photos at a much later time.

This was not the only problem. Their next story was even worse. The man accompanying Chenle was EXchange 2’s Tae Yi. Tae Yi received great popularity through the reality show. As Chenle is a huge fan of the show, it is likely that they connected afterwards. The staff used derogatory terms against Chenle, and mocked Tae Yi.

| theqoo

First of all, to give you guys a review, Tae Yi’s physique is f*cking huge. The reason why I guessed it was Tae Yi = He’s a f*cking chain smoker. He f*cking smoked a lot and left.

— Staff

Above each figure in the photo, the staff labeled them “I’m guessing this is EXchange’s Tae Yi” and “NCT Chenle *jjangkkae.” “Jjangkkae” is a highly derogatory term used to refer to Chinese by Koreans. It is similar to “chink,” and is often thought of as the Chinese version of the n word.

The story quickly went viral as angry fans criticized the restaurant and the staff.

A fan’s angry post. | theqoo

#Aewolsikdang Ok so I get that Chenle visited, but does it mean that you can openly be derogatory about someone using their nationality?

— Fan

The restaurant immediately replied that particular post using a newly created Twitter account.

This is Aewol Sikdang Apgujeong. We apologize deeply to Chenle, Tae Yi, and their fans.

— Aewol Sikdang

They also uploaded a long apology to all fans.

This is Aewol Sikdang Apgujeong. We are deeply sorry to Chenle, Tae Yi, and their fans. We believe that the mistake of one staff member’s is the mistake of the entire restaurant. But we are firing the staff due to their unforgivable actions, and we have also personally directly apologized to Chenle, and have asked for his forgiveness. We are really sorry.

— Aewol Sikdang

The staff surely committed a terrible deed, and has paid the price as such.




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