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“To Be Honest, Dance What’s Important…” — Korean Netizens Agree Wholeheartedly With EXO Xiumin’s Thoughts On Dance V.S Vocals

He gave the best advice to trainees.

NCT UNIVERSE: LASTART is a debut reality survival show created to choose a debut team for NCT Tokyo. As the trainees go head to head with each other, EXO’s Xiumin made a special appearance to give the trainees advice as they prepare for their “Electric Kiss” performance.

You guys are practicing your singing, right? To be honest, dance isn’t what’s important. Singing is the most important, because at the end, if you can’t sing, even if you dance well, you look like you’re bad. Did you practice while singing? Did it go well? It might be hard so… Can you guys do it again while singing live?

— Xiumin

Netizens couldn’t help but agree wholeheartedly with the star.

Netizen reactions. | Nate Pann
  • If you can’t sing even if you dance well, you’re just a dancer then. I wonder why they became idols.
  • Rather than getting cursed out for being unable to dance even if you can dance well, if your vocals are solid and as long as you can just keep up with the beats, you’ll be covered by the other members so you’ll look like you’re doing your part anyway.
  • But FR, his experience shows… I watched that show and how he took a video of their practice, as well as how he gave each and every member feedback while watching the video together, I felt like experience really does make a difference.
  • If you can’t dance well but you can sing, people will at least listen to the song even if they don’t watch your fancams. But if you’re f*cking bad at singing and can only dance well, no one ends up listening to your song. And then when you have a controversy and fans’ blindfolds of love are removed? It only takes a mere second for them to turn from fans into haters.
  • Because you’re singers, vocals are more important. If you can’t sing but can dance well, you’re a dancer then. I think that even if you’re on the level of a main dancer, you have to at least hit average for vocals.

With years of experience under his belt, no one knows better than Xiumin!




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