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TREASURE’s Jihoon Is Fanboy Goals After Pulling A Rare Photocard Of One Of His BLACKPINK Faves

Jihoon is now on the rob list.

It’s no secret that TREASURE are some of the biggest BLACKPINK fanboys around. As labelmates under YG Entertainment, the two groups have had many cute sibling-like interactions that fans loved.

TREASURE | @MnetMAMA/Twitter


Jihoon, in particular, has always been vocal about his love of the girl group and has praised the members on more than one occasion. Fans especially loved how shy he seemed to get around BLACKPINK‘s Rosé while MCing last year.


Jihoon is such a huge BLINK, in fact, that he set a goal to purchase some of BLACKPINK’s exclusive Oreos when TREASURE landed in Jakarta, Indonesia for the group’s appearance at the 2022 SARANGHAEYO INDONESIA concert.

BLACKPINK collaborated with the brand to release exclusive packs of Pink Oreos, which have only been released in Indonesia so far.

| Weverse

Fan: Jihoon, Oreo x BLACKPINK will be in Korea in February 2023

Jihoon: I have to buy it in Jakarta before I come back to Korea.

| @blackpinkbabo/Twitter

In true fanboy fashion, Jihoon even had to ensure that the packs of Oreos came with photocards!

| Weverse

Fan: If you come to Jakarta, make sure to try it… Oreo X BlackPink sunbaenim is in Jakarta. You should try it when you go to Jakarta…

Jihoon: Can I get a photocard too?

Lucky for Jihoon, he didn’t have to wait long after the group arrived in Jakarta as a fan managed to give him a pack of Oreos as they departed the airport.

The group put on an amazing performance, but before the show, Jihoon went live from his hotel room. During the live, he unboxed his package of Oreos and showed off his photocard pulls of Rosé!

| Weverse

According to fans in the country, Rosé’s photocard is extremely hard to pull, making him even luckier. This didn’t stop Jihoon from attempting to trade photocards with a TEUME who shared that they had pulled two Jisoo photocards!

In true fanboy fashion, Jihoon later shared all of his photocards from the Oreos, showing that he got every member except Jennie.

Jihoon’s post on Weverse.

Fans of both groups have loved Jihoon’s fanboy moment and wish to see even more!

A previous version of this article mentioned countries where BLACKPINK’s Oreo’s have not yet been released and an incorrect timing of Jihoon’s live. 



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