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True Thoughts: EXO’s Kai Gets Real On What He Actually Feels Whenever He Goes Viral

He’s as honest as can be.

EXO‘s Kai just returned to the music scene with his song “Rover.” It is his third title track which comes on the heels of his viral “Mmmh” debut song and melodic “Peaches” comeback. This time around, “Rover” is an upbeat, Latin-inspired single that focuses on the message of self-love.

Kai has been a fan-favorite ever since he debuted in 2011 with “Wolf.” The EXO member built a strong career among the fandom and general public with countless performances and TV show appearances.


His toned physique, incredible dancing, and cute personality also made him a viral sensation many times throughout the years. His single “Mhmm,” for instance, was one of the trendiest dance challenges in 2020 which earned millions of views each performance.

In relation to this, Uproxx asked him, “Are you aware of your virality every time you make a comeback?”

| @zkdlin/Instagram

Kai answered in a straightforward manner that his fame is not the most important part of his life. He reminds himself that focusing on trivialities like virality is not healthy overall.

Well, actually I don’t focus on that that much. Nor do I feel it that much because it’s a fight with myself because of how time is actually limited.

— Kai

| @zkdlin/Instagram

Rather, Kai tries to use his time productively. Instead of keeping his mind on whatever racked up millions of views, he looks at the ways he can improve himself for the sake of his fans.

We only have 24 hours a day and there’s a lot of good that I want to do and show to my fans.

— Kai

At the same time, he admitted that he does feel a sense of pressure to do better each time. He wants to make “something good” at the end of the day.

Other than focusing on the virality that I bring or the popularity that I have, I do have a little bit of pressure to focus on making something good.

— Kai

| @zkdlin/Instagram




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