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TWICE Sana’s Unedited Visuals On Tour Leave Netizens Shook

Netizens believe Sana has become even more gorgeous in new unedited photos from TWICE‘s world tour showing off her real-life visuals.

TWICE’s Sana | @m.by__sana/Instagram

On stage, netizens are smitten by both her flawless visuals and stunning body proportions.

| normalrose
| normalrose

Her gorgeous profile sets her apart from others — Netizens note that she has a look that can’t be achieved through plastic surgery. Additionally, she has her own unique charm that can’t be duplicated.

Isn’t she honestly the prettiest idol out there?.. She also doesn’t have a face that’s common???? She’s not just pretty, she’s also charming, too

— Netizen

| Ning

All of this combined with her lovely image makes her a total powerhouse of an idol!

| Nate Pann

With visuals that match her charming personality, she’s elegance and cuteness personified. Her complex charms are part of what make her so lovable!

Sana seriously is the poster child for cutie sexy???? Even her actions are like that????????????

— Netizen

| shishi



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