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TWICE’s Chaeyoung Gets Playfully Ordered Around By Her Members Showing The Tough Life Of A Maknae

Being the maknae of the group has its troubles too.

Being the maknae (the Korean word for the youngest group member) has perks. Most of the time, the older members are there to guide them and ensure nothing wrong happens to them. Some groups, like TWICE, have two maknaes since their youngest members, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu, were born in the same year.

TWICE’s Chaeyoung and Tzuyu | @twicetagram/Instagram

Maknaes also fill a unique role in the group. Usually, they have the most innate cuteness, and they’re charged with giving energy to the older members.

TWICE’s Mina (left), Tzuyu (center), and Chaeyoung (right) | @twicetagram/Instagram

It seems like a sweet deal, but in a recent behind-the-scenes video released on TWICE’s YouTube channel, Chaeyoung exposed how being the group’s baby might not always be the best. At one point, all the TWICE members were taking a break from the rigorous music video filming for their single, “Talk That Talk,” when suddenly Momo asked Chaeyoung to hand her some grapefruit ade from across the room.

TWICE members resting between takes while filming “Talk That Talk” | TWICE/YouTube

Chaeyoung didn’t have the heart to refuse her lovely unnie (the Korean word girls use to refer to older women), so she was obedient.

But then, all of a sudden, Sana, Jeongyeon, and Jihyo began asking her for favors too!

Even though they were teasing her, Chaeyoung still did everything her unnies asked. After they thanked her, all she could say was, “Thank you for saying thank you.

Later, when none of the members were answering Jihyo, Chaeyoung also tried to humor her, showing that she really is a kind angel.

All idol group members must do their best to support and love each other constantly. While being the maknae can be fun at times, they also have to find a way to keep the positive energy going in the team.

Watch the second episode of TWICE’s “Talk That Talk” behind-the-scenes music video filming below.




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