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TWICE’s Chaeyoung Reacts Honestly To Being Called The “Worst Airport Dresser”

Do you remember this fashion moment?

Soloist Somi and TWICE‘s Chaeyoung were friends since pre-debut. Though they are now under different companies, they are still as close as can be. This was clearly seen in the second episode of Yes or Hot where the former interviewed the latter on a variety of topics.

A lighthearted subject that they discussed was fashion. Somi asked the TWICE rapper bluntly, “How did it feeling being picked as the worst airport dresser?”

This was in reference to a viral photo of Chaeyoung at the airport last June. Like the best friend that she is, Somi savagely joked that she found the older girl’s fashion strange as well. She listed down a number of different aspects about the offending photo that she did not find attractive, all while her friend laughed good-naturedly.

It was lame even to me. Was it your glasses or your posture or your body was the problem?

— Somi

Chaeyoung responded that she was put in an unfair situation.

I was standing next to Sana. Sana looked super feminine but I was totally the opposite.

— Chaeyoung

Instead of feeling hurt at being called the “worst dresser,” she responded flippantly that she’s proud of her style.

I like it though. I looked cool.

— Chaeyoung

Somi suggested that the root of the problem was not the other girl’s clothes but her posture.

I think it was your posture. Were you trying to read something?

— Somi

Upon hearing these words, Chaeyoung recalled what caused her to be bent over. It turned out to be just a case of bad timing.

I was putting my phone in my back pocket, I think.

— Chaeyoung

In the end, she reiterated that she likes her fashion style, and her opinion is what matters in the end!

It looks cool though.

— Chaeyoung




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