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TWICE’s Chaeyoung Spills On Being Asked To Change Her Appearance Before Her Debut

She was told to make the physical alteration while competing on “SIXTEEN.”

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung recently appeared on rapper Lil Cherry‘s new variety segment, Get It Cherry Together.

TWICE’s Chaeyoung (left) and Lil Cherry (right) | @lilcherryontop/Instagram

The two explained they had been introduced by singer BIBI and bonded over their shared MBTI personality type, INFP, which led to a lot of similarities between them.

Lil Cherry hilariously mentioned that they were having a lot of fun the first time they met, but at the same time, they both wanted to go home, crediting their INFP MBTI type as the reason.

Because they have similar social tendencies, Lil Cherry introduced the “INFP Bell,” which was placed on a table between them for Chaeyoung to ring if she felt uncomfortable and wanted to go home or skip the conversation topic.

Chaeyoung responded to the bell by saying, “I wish this bell would exist on other shows as well.” Their shared understanding of creating comfortable boundaries allowed for more candid conversations.

While talking, Lil Cherry noted that ONCE frequently complimented Chaeyoung’s striking side profile. Lil Cherry then hilariously asked the TWICE member why she thinks that is. Chaeyoung quickly answered that she believed the side profile from the left side of her face earns attention due to the mole below her lip.

Lil Cherry asked the idol if she had any other moles on her face, to which she surprisingly admitted that she used to have one below her eyebrow until she appeared on the survival show SIXTEEN.

Chaeyoung then revealed the reason why she no longer had it; it was at JYP Entertainment founder J.Y. Park‘s request. She simply said, “[J.Y. Park] said to take it out.

Pre-debut Chaeyoung in a mirrored image with her second mole visible on “SIXTEEN” | @thinktwicebr/Twitter

Removing it wasn’t simple; Chaeyoung further revealed that she had to attempt removing it twice for it to disappear completely.

It turns out this was another thing the two had in common, as Lil Cherry also had a mole removed from her face when she was in high school. The two bonded as she pointed out the faint remnants of it on her forehead.

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