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TWICE’s Dahyun Shares How “Gone” Was The Hardest Song Yet For Her To Write The Lyrics To

TWICE‘s Dahyun has worked on multiple songs on TWICE’s albums in the past, and for Between 1&2, she wrote the lyrics to “Gone” and “When We Were Kids.” During their comeback live stream on YouTube, Dahyun shared the journey and meaning behind the lyrics to “Gone.”

| TWICE/YouTube

First, Dahyun shared some tips on how to write lyrics. She found that lyrics came most easily to her when she would take breaks between periods of strong focus. As any writer knows, looking at your own work can get tiring after a while, so leaving it aside and returning to it after a break often stimulates creativity more easily.

As with any creative art, some projects are easier to create than others, and it’s not easy to predict what you’ll have more inspiration for versus what you’ll get stuck on. For “Gone,” Dahyun shared that it was the hardest song yet to write the lyrics for, especially the rap.

Instead of giving up, Dahyun worked ten times harder, and unbeknownst to the members, she worked on “Gone” all throughout the U.S. leg of their world tour. When they had short breaks between their schedules and when she was on the bus or plane, Dahyun poured all her remaining energy into writing the lyrics for “Gone.”

All her hard work paid off as the lyrics perfectly capture the emotions of betrayal and working through that pain. What’s even more impressive is her seamless incorporation of English into the song, and it’s a testament to Dahyun’s talent and dedication.

ONCEs couldn’t be prouder of Dahyun, and even from this small snippet, it’s clear that “Gone” is a masterpiece.



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