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TWICE’s Nayeon And Mina Have Similar MBTIs, But Even Mina Can’t See Many Similarities Between Their Personalities

The question is, who’s ISFP and who’s ISTP?

When TWICE first took the MBTI tests, Mina was an ISFP, and Nayeon was an ISTP.

ISFPs are known as Adventurers, but their true nature is not as dare-devilish and outgoing as the names suggest.

ISFPs are gentle caretakers who live in the present moment and enjoy their surroundings with cheerful, low-key enthusiasm. They are flexible and spontaneous, and like to go with the flow to enjoy what life has to offer. ISFPs are quiet and unassuming, and may be hard to get to know. However, to those who know them well, the ISFP is warm and friendly, eager to share in life’s many experiences.

— ISFP Truity

ISTPs are known as Virtuosos, and while they tend to be as talented as the name suggests, they’re super humble in their actions.

ISTPs are attentive to details and responsive to the demands of the world around them. Because of their astute sense of their environment, they are good at moving quickly and responding to emergencies. ISTPs are reserved, but not withdrawn: the ISTP enjoys taking action, and approaches the world with a keen appreciation for the physical and sensory experiences it has to offer.

— ISTP Truity

It’s easy to see how these personality types suit Mina and Nayeon, respectively, but surprisingly in a recent test retake, the girls switched MBTIs. Mina is now an ISTP, and Nayeon is an ISFP.

Yet despite this switch, it seems like their first test is a more accurate description of who they really are. Mina knows she goes back and forth between being a T and an F, but she certainly leans towards identifying with ISFP.

I think Nayeon is closer to ISTP, and I am ISF… I think I am an ISTP who is almost an ISFP.

— Mina


In an interview with COSMOPOLITAN Korea, Mina was asked if there were any similarities between her and Nayeon since their MBTIs overlapped. At the thought of being similar, Mina couldn’t help but laugh — at just a glance, Mina and Nayeon have completely different personalities despite their similar MBTIs.

She immediately joked, wondering if Nayeon had a secret timid side that she didn’t know about.

Also, Nayeon is a lot more active than Mina, despite both of them being introverts.

I think Nayeon is more active than I am. I am really a homebody.

— Mina

To determine if Mina was really now an ISTP, Cosmopolitan asked Mina what her response would be to a friend who got a haircut because they were depressed. Her immediate reaction was to connect with her friend emotionally, so it’s clear that while everyone’s MBTIs can change depending on the situation, Mina is an ISFP at heart.

While it’s uncertain whether they have the same MBTI, and though they don’t have many similarities, Mina and Nayeon share the sweetest friendship. We’re always looking forward to more adorable moments between the two.

Source: ISFP Truity and ISTP Truity




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