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TWICE’s Nayeon Sparks Controversy After Legal Win Against Her Mother’s Ex-Boyfriend

“Wow, what is going on with her mom?”

Netizens reacted to the news that TWICE‘s Nayeon will not have to pay back her mother’s ex-boyfriend.

Nayeon | JYP Entertainment

On September 19, it was reported that TWICE’s Nayeon won a lawsuit against her mother’s ex-boyfriend (A). According to reports, “A” had sued Nayeon, asking to be repaid ₩600 million KRW (about $454,000 USD) that he alleges he loaned to the idol’s mother.

Reports state that on this day, the courts acknowledged that “A” had given ₩500 million KRW (about $378,000 USD) to Nayeon’s mother over 12 years but ruled there wasn’t enough evidence to show that money was a loan.

Seoul Eastern Court | Mot Line

Previously, “A” sued Nayeon and her mother in January. At the time, “A” claimed that Nayeon’s mother promised to pay back the money if Nayeon debuted, but that she didn’t keep her promise.

I had loaned them money for living expenses because Nayeon’s mother had asked for it. I was promised that when Nayeon, who at the time was a trainee, debuts, she would pay me back, but they didn’t keep her promise.

— “A”

The news shocked netizens and sparked debate among fans. Many fans felt that Nayeon should pay back the money, while others defended Nayeon and agreed with the judge’s ruling.

  • “Didn’t her mom’s boyfriend give them ₩4.00 million KRW (about $3,030 USD) a month when they were struggling? If I was her, I would pay him back out of gratitude.”
  • “I mean, that’s a lot of money. She should pay him back since he once helped them out…”
  • “It seems that ‘A’ and Nayeon’s mother were basically married. If this is true, it will be difficult for ‘A’ to get his money back.”
  • “It isn’t like ₩600 million KRW (about $454,000 USD) is a small amount of money, so paying him back out of moral obligation is…”
  • “It’s a grey area since they were dating. If her mother didn’t promise to pay him back, there is really no reason to.”
  • “If the amount is ₩600 million KRW (about $454,000 USD) and if Nayeon and her mother used that money for living expenses… I would rather pay him back than have this being reported in the news like this.”
  • “Wow…”
  • “Wow, ₩600 million KRW (about $454,000 USD) is a lot of money.”
  • “Wow, what is going on with her mom?”

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