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TWICE’s Nayeon Stunned In A Fitted Bodysuit, But It Was Problematic During Performance Day

She personally explained what had happened.

It hasn’t been long since TWICE‘s Nayeon made the internet go crazy over her real life beauty in a fitted bodysuit.

TWICE’s Nayeon

When the “Talk That Talk” singer stepped out into the open to greet fans in the outfit, everyone’s jaws dropped. She looked so stunning, she even went viral on social media site Twitter!

The K-Pop idol recently sat down for an interview with ELLE KOREA where she shared a behind-the-scenes story about it that had happened during one of the group’s live performances.

First, she chose it as one of her favorite outfits because of how new it felt to her. She doesn’t wear clothes like that often, but she sure looks incredible in them!

I wore a black bodysuit. I liked it because it felt very new.

— Nayeon

Nayeon was then asked about her reaction during a “Talk That Talk” performance. In the clip, she could be seen wearing the same bodysuit, and something appeared to startle her as she suddenly jumped up.

She explained that the bodysuit posed a problem that day. Because of its knit material, her microphone and the ear piece that were attached to it kept falling down.

Dahyun said it was so funny and sent us a link. There’s a behind story. I was wearing a bodysuit. It was a knit material with a microphone and in-ear piece. Every time I danced, it went down.

— Nayeon

She was just trying to pull them back up when the song started playing…and she wasn’t ready for it. Looking back now, she doesn’t understand why it surprised her so much. It goes to show that some outfits just aren’t a good fit for TWICE’s performances no matter how gorgeous they are!

Before we started the choreography, I was trying to raise it, but the song turned on. I think I was surprised. Why was I so surprised?

— Nayeon

In the same interview, Nayeon opened up about the extent of her hair damage as caused by excess bleaching. Learn what happened to her here:

TWICE’s Nayeon Has Bleached Her Hair So Much, She Easily Pointed Out How Damaged It Is Now




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