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TWICE’s Sana Describes Her Ideal Type And “Single’s Inferno” Kim Jin Young Can’t Help But “Act Up”

Recently, TWICE‘s Sana appeared on Single’s Inferno star Kim Jin Young‘s (also known as Dex) interview program and had him feeling flustered the entire episode.

Kim Jin Young | @dex_xeb/Instagram
TWICE’s Sana | Missha

Through the years, Kim Jin Young has shared how big of a fan TWICE he is, even sharing that she is his ideal type. So, one can imagine how excited he was to have her on the show!

From the start, it seemed like Kim Jin Young could barely stand to look her in the eyes, though he called it the best moment of his life. He even said her beauty was past what the most technologically advanced cameras could capture!

After discussing how Sana is his ideal type and how it is her reasoning for appearing on the show, Kim Jin Young bravely decides to ask her about her type.

Sana first says she likes “a manly person” who sometimes seems cold but smiles cutely when he laughs.

Kim Jin Young fits those features and couldn’t help but smile thinking about that, which Sana calls him out over.



Sana continues by saying that she likes it when someone is “sharp” looking, be it the eyes, nose, or jawline. Kim Jin Young uses this opportunity to show off his jawline, making her laugh.

Kim Jin Young takes the opportunity to “sell himself” to her, describing how well he can joke with someone. Sana hilariously calls him out again, mentioning how he thought Kwon Eun Bi was describing him as her ideal type and that he flirts with everyone who appears on the show.


The two have a lot of chemistry, which you can check out in the full episode below.







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