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TWICE’s Sana Flirtatiously Asked Chaeyoung To Shower Together But Didn’t Expect Her Reaction

It didn’t go as planned!

TWICE‘s Sana and Chaeyoung had a funny interaction that didn’t go unnoticed by fans! The girls have always been flirty with one another, and this hasn’t changed at all.

Sana (left) and Chaeyoung (right) | @m.by__sana/Instagram

In a past live broadcast, the two video called each other. One of the topics they casually discussed was when the other will shower. The “Strawberry Princess” asked it to the “Marshmallow” singer first, who replied that she would follow after her. Cutely enough, she cheekily asked if they should wash up together!

  • Chaeyoung: So when will you wash up?
  • Sana: When will you wash up? When you wash up, I’ll gain courage and wash up with you. Should we wash up together?

But she didn’t expect Chaeyoung’s reaction. After Sana asked it one more time, Chaeyoung got serious and started hushing her, possibly trying to avoid any scolding from their manager.

  • Chaeyoung: [Laughs] Since it’s 11:57pm right now…
  • Sana: Should we wash up together?
  • Chaeyoung: [Shush]

Fans found the interaction hilarious. They called TWICE “one of the great sources of gay” and jokingly asked why the girls are like that. Others greeted, “Happy pride month” and speculated that Chaeyoung hushed the Japanese member because they might get into trouble.

When it comes to fan service, TWICE is unparalleled!




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