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“Two Wolves” — TXT’s Yeonjun Features Unexpected Guest In Latest Instagram Post

In the days leading up to the release of their upcoming album, The Name Chapter: FREEFALL (set to come out on October 13), TXT has started releasing teaser images and videos to get fans even more hyped up.

The pictures they’ve been sharing of the members are particularly gorgeous, with a perfect blend of grunge and beauty that TXT is so well-known for.

But the members aren’t the only ones making an appearance in the pictures — a four-legged friend has been included in their concept photos, adding an additional fierce touch to their aesthetic!

Recently, Yeonjun shared some behind-the-scenes pictures from their “MELANCHOLY” photoshoot and video on his personal Instagram account.

| @yawnzzn/Instagram

Rocking bright orange hair that makes him look even more fox-like than usual, Yeonjun’s visuals really shine in this kind of setting.

| @yawnzzn/Instagram

And in the pictures he shared, the furry friend that appeared in the teaser images made another appearance!

| @yawnzzn/Instagram

Yeonjun captioned the post “two wolves”, referring to both himself and the canine starring in the pictures beside him.

| @yawnzzn/Instagram
| @yawnzzn/Instagram

Though the wolf looks fierce, it seems to be just as friendly and lovable as any other dog, based on how Yeonjun is interacting with it!

| @yawnzzn/Instagram

Fans had a lot to say in the comments on the Instagram post, ranging from swooning over Yeonjun’s visuals to teasing him over calling himself a wolf.

The Instagram post got a lot of attention on Twitter too, where similar reactions were shared.

We can’t wait to see what TXT has in store for us with The Name Chapter: FREEFALL!




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