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TXT Drives Everyone Wild With Their Crazy Handsome Visuals At The “K Global Heart Dream Awards”

TXT recently attended the 2022 K Global Heart Dream Awards held at the Jamsil Students’ Gymnasium. Alongside other artists, they bagged a Bonsang and the “K Global Best Music Award.”

Besides their achievements and top tier performance, they also went viral because of their incredibly handsome looks.

Netizens couldn’t help but praise TXT for a variety of reasons. With their tall heights and muscular physiques, they complemented each other perfectly.

The HYBE boy group stood out ever since the start of the show in the red carpet event. They were photographed well in their white suits, red accessories, and black shirts.

Moreover, each of the five members was as stunning as can be in fan-taken photos. From Beomgyu

…to Yeonjun

…to Taehyun

…to Soobin

…and to Hueningkai, they looked exactly the same in real life as they did on television—if not better.

They were especially cool when they performed their latest title track, “Good Boy Gone Bad.”

Whether the viral photos of TXT were edited or unedited, they looked every inch the celebrities they are!

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