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TXT Fans Are Absolutely In Love With Beomgyu’s Unfiltered Selfies

He doesn’t need filters!

In this day and age, it seems like you can’t trust anything that you see on social media, especially when it comes to photos. With photo editing and filters so rampant and normalized, it’s rare to find a photo of anyone — especially celebrities — that isn’t touched up in some way, whether it’s subtle or much more dramatic.

The K-Pop industry is no different. Despite idols already having gorgeous visuals by any standard, the selfies and official photos posted by the idols themselves or their labels are often highly filtered and edited, removing any hint of skin texture, facial hair, or other blemishes.

That’s why, on the rare occasions that idols are seen with little or no editing — such as the time Stray Kids‘ members had unedited selfies accidentally uploaded — K-Pop fans often react with positive feedback. It’s relieving to realize that even idols have flaws and blemishes, and aren’t as intimidatingly perfect as they seem!

Lee Know (Stray Kids) looking handsome AF without a filter

And recently, TXT‘s Beomgyu added himself to the short list of idols who have uploaded selfies that haven’t been heavily filtered.


On a post made on the group’s official Twitter on February 3, Beomgyu uploaded a series of four selfies after TXT took home the music show award for “Sugar Rush Ride” on Music Bank. They show him holding their well-deserved trophy, and in the first two photos especially, it’s hard to tell if there is any editing done or not.

| @TXT_members/Twitter

| @TXT_members/Twitter

In the latter two photos, however, it’s more apparent that Beomgyu wasn’t using filters! You can see the slightest bit of skin texture (it seems that he doesn’t have much to begin with), as well as a hint of facial hair that is normally washed out in filtered images.

| @TXT_members/Twitter

There’s something about being able to see a K-Pop idol’s pores and slight blemishes that is so incredibly refreshing, and MOAs are loving this series of photos with Beomgyu being so transparent! Of course, with the naturally handsome visuals that he has, he really doesn’t need any filters in the first place.

| @TXT_members/Twitter

A post was recently made on Reddit that brought up this photo series and its lack of editing, and the comments on the post are overwhelmingly supportive towards Beomgyu.

Yes, your fav has facial hair and skin texture [WORLD IMPLODES] from kpopthoughts

Many shared their hopes that photos like this will become more normalized in the K-Pop industry in the future.

We also hope that unfiltered images become more normalized in the K-Pop industry, because idols like Beomgyu are proving that filters are seriously unneeded!




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