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TXT Soobin’s Kind TREATment Towards TWICE’s Sana Warmed Everyone’s Hearts

He didn’t think twice about coming through for his sunbae Sana.

On an episode of KBS‘s Music Bank, MC TXT‘s Soobin found his way into viewers’ hearts with the sweet way he treated TWICE‘s Sana on the Halloween special.

At the beginning of the interview segment with TWICE, there was no better way to celebrate the holiday than giving out candy. After reaching into his pumpkin basket, Soobin pulled out candy and handed it to Nayeon. It almost went smoothly.

Nayeon’s hand had been too full, causing one of the candy packages to fall to the ground. While she laughed at the mishap, Soobin jumped right into action to save it—along with Sana who reached down to do the same.

Soobin then respectfully passed the candy over to Sana. Since she’d had the brightest smile on her face when she’d first seen the candy, her excitement to receive the package only made everyone melt even more over the sweet moment.

To make the interaction between Sana and Soobin even sweeter, fans noticed the funny way that Soobin had treated the same situation with his own members. When the candy fell from Hueningkai‘s hands, Soobin let Yeonjun take care of it himself.

Watch Soobin come to the rescue for Sana’s precious candy, along with the humorously different reaction to his members.



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