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TXT’s Members Are Visual Kings In Newly Released “Chasing That Feeling” HD Stage Photos

Their stylists definitely know what they’re doing!

TXT is in the middle of promoting their latest title track, “Chasing That Feeling”, as well as “Back for More” off of their new album The Name Chapter: FREEFALL. They recently performed the new songs on Inkigayo, and as always, the members put on an incredible show!

Each of the five members bring their own aura, charisma, and energy to their performances, and they really show in the individual pictures of each of them. Here are 10 HD images from the group’s recent Inkigayo performance of “Chasing That Feeling” and “Back for More” that you won’t want to miss!

1. Yeonjun

Yeonjun has made a return to colorful hair with pretty pastel orange locks, and his charisma is just as powerful and entertaining as always!

2. Soobin

It’s not just Soobin’s impressive height, but also his captivating energy and endearing smile that makes it impossible to look away from him on stage.

3. Beomgyu

Handsome Beomgyu has made a highly anticipated return to longer hair, which has fans reminiscing about his iconic wolf cut that he had a couple of years ago.

4. Taehyun

Like the other members of TXT, Taehyun stands out in his own way with his shockingly gorgeous features and well-styled outfits that accentuate his visuals beautifully.

5. Hueningkai

Finally, maknae Hueningkai is catching everyone’s attention with his bright blond hair and intense facial expressions during his performances for this comeback!




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