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TXT’s Soobin Finally Answers The Question All Makeup Enthusiasts Were Dying To Know

Previously, TXT’s Soobin garnered much attention online from fans and makeup enthusiasts for his glowy makeup look. The video clip gained over 800k views, with people speculating about what brand highlighter he used.

With fans naming all different types of brand products, they were hoping that someone would be able to confirm which one it was. Luckily, one fan took it upon themselves to ask him directly during a fan sign event!

Fan: Soobin, did you know that video of you at the mini fan meeting became a hit tweet because of the highlighter used on your face?

Soobin: Ah retweet? On Twitter? Yes, yes.

Fan: But, do you think you can tell us what product you used?

Soobin: Sure!

Fan: Are you wearing it now?

Soobin: Yup!

Fan: Really, what is it?

Soobin: Hmm is it ok for me to say it…yea it’s ok for me to tell! It’s Dior!

Fan: Ah, really?

Soobin: It’s the Dior one…where it’s divided into four sections..yea that’s the one I use.

Fan: Really? Because people were trying to find the one you were using.

Soobin: Ah I feel like I’m just doing something good for Dior here (laughs).

Fans and makeup lovers alike were relieved to finally have the answer to the burning question!

Oh I think this is the one he uses. Dior backstage glow face palette.

He says he’s doing something good for Dior by revealing it when he’s literally a Dior ambassador lol.

I can’t believe he knows that this highlighter issue was a hit tweet…Im scared that he might be one of my Twitter moots.

Wow..I’m going to use only Dior from now on.

He looks so adorable trying to explain the highlighter he uses.

Thanks to Soobin, we can finally be at peace knowing what he used for his god-tier glowy makeup look!

Makeup Lovers Are Dying To Know What Highlighter TXT’s Soobin Uses On His Face




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