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TXT’s Soobin Got Lonely In His Own Room — Beomgyu Offered To Solve That Problem

In a video from TXT, the members revealed how they each got the room that they lived in at their dorm.

| @TXT_bighit/Twitter

During the video, Soobin shared that they actually assigned rooms based on the ladder game! For those who may not know, the ladder game is a quick drawing game that helps people make a decision fairly.


While Soobin rooms by himself, and his hedgehog Odi of course, he admitted having his own room is kind of boring.

Our rooms were chosen randomly using the ladder game. it was my first time having my own room so I was excited but it was boring.

— Soobin

Soobin then admitted, “I think it was more fun when I had a member as my roommate.” Beomgyu, who used to be roommates with Soobin, replied, “Really?” Like the sweet and comedic person he is, Beomgyu offered Soobin his company in an intriguing way.

When we go back to the dorm should I move back in your room? I can sleep in your room again. Your bed is big so we could squeeze…

— Beomgyu

Hesitant, Soobin gave an uncomfortable laugh and commented that Beomgyu was indeed a fun roommate to have, however, Soobin also ended his sentence with a “But…” making everyone laugh.

Beomgyu is a funny guy so I think it’d be fun if we were to room together but…

— Beomgyu

After the laughter died down, Taehyun hilariously asked what Soobin was going to finish his sentence with.

What’s with the but? But what?

— Taehyun

The two have constantly mentioned how they wish to be roommates again too.





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