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TXT’s Yeonjun Does The “Smoke” Challenge—But Issues A Warning To Those Who Use It To Mock Idols

“Everyone, please don’t…”

Famous choreographer Bada Lee is behind the iconic dances for some of K-Pop’s biggest groups, including BLACKPINK, NCT, and EXO. Proving her talent, the Street Woman Fighter 2 contestant created the viral “Smoke” dance challenge. While Korean netizens have been quick to choose which idols did the challenge best, there’s also been a dark side to the challenge.

NCT DREAM’s Chenle and Bada Lee. | @badalee__/Instagram

Because the choreography is difficult and requires a certain vibe to pull off, some netizens have used it to harshly criticize and mock idols for not doing it as well as others. One of the idols who became a target for mocking, soloist Choi Suhwan, even spoke out against the negativity. He wasn’t the only one to speak up, either.

I’m certain that all the other idols worked really hard on the challenge, too! Even when strangers on the internet try to mock us, by uploading videos like such, they will never diminish the hard work and honest effort that we put in. So it’s alright. Thank you for your concern and support!

— Choi Suhwan

Choi Suhwan | @Swanta_TV/Twitter

During his latest live broadcast, TXT‘s Yeonjun treated fans to various dance covers, including the viral “Smoke” challenge. He even did it twice to make sure he nailed all the important gestures, quickly earning praise from netizens for showing his professionalism and skill. But when he saw a particular comment, Yeonjun immediately issued a warning.

Because Yeonjun previously voiced his dislike for netizens comparing dance challenges to mock idols, he immediately took measures to shut it down. He said, “MOAs, please type this out together: ‘Everyone, please don’t compare. Dance challenges are supposed to be fun.’

Since Yeonjun always sees supportive comments from fans, he playfully reminded MOAs the message wasn’t for them. He said, “I’m not saying this to MOAs.

Yeonjun | @TXT_members/Twitter

Since K-Pop idols are constantly under scrutiny, Yeonjun immediately shut down any attempts to add to the negativity and reminded everyone that dance challenges are for fun.




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