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TXT’s Yeonjun Goes Viral For Remembering Fans By Face

He really pays attention.

TXT‘s Yeonjun is winning hearts on Korean community sites for his sincere attention and care toward his fans.

Yeonjun | @yawnzzn/Instagram

Recently, a fan who attended a TXT fansign on April 4, KST, shared their surreal experience of being remembered by Yeonjun, which was caught on video. The fan posted the clip on Twitter, where Yeonjun can be seen calling them out, saying, “Come here” in an informal, friendly tone, following it up with, “Why are you pretending like this is your first time coming here?” The OP (original poster) mentioned in the video’s caption that they were trying to pretend that it was their first fansign, but Yeonjun remembered seeing them at Inkigayo recordings and the group’s fan concert!

Yeonjun: Come here!

OP: (Taken aback)

Yeonjun: [OP’s name] Come here!!

OP: No but I was planning to pretend like this is my first time here…

Yeonjun: [OP’s name] Come here!!

OP: (I didn’t expect him to call me right away like this!)

Yeonjun: Why are you pretending like this is your first time coming here? I saw you so many times on Inkigayo.

OP: Oh, really?

Yeonjun: Yeah. You were there at the front during the fan concert too!

OP: (I thought he was still talking about Inkigayo) I wasn’t at the front though…?

Yeonjun: Fan concert…during the live show!!

OP: Oh? You saw me?

Yeonjun: Yeah, you were at the front during the concert. You were near the catwalk stage, right?

OP: Huh?

Yeonjun: You were there, right? Near the extended stage?

OP: Yeah, I was!

Once this video clip went viral online, another fan left a comment recalling their experience of being remembered by Yeonjun the same way. This second fan mentioned that though they had taken a break from attending TXT fansigns during the COVID-19 outbreak, Yeonjun recognized them from TXT’s debut days the next time they met.

download - 2024-04-06T213430.188
| theqoo

I went to fansigns quite a lot during their debut album. But after the corona outbreak, I took a break for over a year. I went to a TXT fansign for their fourth album next and Yeonjun recognized me. To be honest, back then my bias was someone else and due to my personality, I never said anything that was memorable. So, when I asked him how he remembered me, he said he remembers all fans from his debut days.

— The fan’s testimony

These anecdotes reminded fans of another such interaction between a fan and Yeonjun on Weverse. The fan had posted a banner sign that read, “Thank you for debuting,” and asked Yeonjun if he remembered responding to OP while they were performing “Anti Romantic.” Yeonjun left multiple comments under the post, saying he remembered the OP and even mentioned their seat placement!

Fans and netizens are left in awe of Yeonjun’s excellent memory with all these instances at hand. Some also felt that it was a sign of him actively making efforts to remember fans and treat them with sincerity.

Screenshot 2024-04-06 212633
| theqoo
  • “Whoa. That’s some real effort right there.”
  • “Wow. His memory is amazing…I’m jealous. How good the fan must have felt!”
  • “No, but how does he do that?”
  • “Wow…If he keeps being like that, I can never stop fangirling.”
  • “Wow. There’s no option but to become a fan of someone like this.”




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