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TXT’s Yeonjun Has Everyone Swerving Into His Lane For His New GQ Korea Covers

“The first person who took Yeonjun to the fashion world is the winner.”

Recently, it was announced that TXT‘s Yeonjun would be starring on the cover of GQ Korea‘s upcoming November 2022 issue, to the delight of all MOAs.

Yeonjun (TXT) | BigHit Music

With his uniquely handsome visuals and killer fashion sense, Yeonjun has a natural model-like aura that makes him perfect for these kinds of pictorials.

| BigHit Music

The issue will have three different versions with three drastically different pictures of Yeonjun on the cover, all of which showcase a unique side of the K-Pop idol.

Version A of GQ Korea, November 2022 issue

The photos are enough to make anyone, even non-MOAs, swerve into Yeonjun’s lane.

Version B of GQ Korea, November 2022 issue

Version C of GQ Korea, November 2022 issue

Fans of TXT and Yeonjun were quick to spread the news on social media and express their excitement and pride about it!

An online Korean forum also made a post about the November 2022 issue, which received high praise from netizens.

  • “The first person who took Yeonjun to the fashion world is the winner”
  • “He’s freaking handsome at work. Pictorial genius”
  • “Did he shoot this as soon as he dyed his hair black? F*cking pretty ㅠㅠㅠ I want them all”
  • “Wow he’s freaking good at taking pictorials. Prettyㅠㅠ”
  • “But Burberry really seems to like Choi Yeonjun… They left a comment and even liked his post”

Comment from Burberry on Yeonjun’s personal Instagram account

International fans on a similar forum had similar comments too.

  • “Yeonjun really is amazing at pictorials and photoshoots the vibes are immaculate. He’ really good at posing and knowing his angles. His instagram is also super chic and a whole vibe.”
  • “I can´t believe he could pull of that 1st look. He is insane.”
  • “Want to see him walking on a runway, he would do great”
  • “he always eats pictorials up. Can’t believe anyone can look good in the clothes in the first photo but Choi Yeonjun is no ordinary man.”
  • “He has such a model vibe, the proportions for it and most importantly he loves fashion so I’m happy for those opportunities! And I hope he can get a contract with Burberry or another brand, beyond ig posts!”

The November 2022 issue of GQ Korea is sure to make tons of sales!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa




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