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WayV Xiaojun’s Pink Ponytail Has Everyone Falling In Love

For SM Entertainment‘s recent family concerts, WayV‘s Xiaojun has been serving looks with his bright pink hair. To make fans fall in love with him even more, he tried out a new hairstyle during SMTOWN LIVE 2022 : SMCU EXPRESS @ TOKYO which drove fans wild.

YangYang and Xiaojun.

Effortlessly switching between adorable and sexy for the group’s different stages, Xiaojun’s visuals went over the top with a single ponytail.

While leaving out some bangs in the front, half of Xiaojun’s hair was pulled into a short ponytail.

The look immediately caught fans’ attention as they were left “screaming and crying” from the hairstyle and shared even more photos of it.

Based on how well-received the hairstyle was among fans, maybe Xiaojun will wear it more often.

| @Longeyelash0808/Twitter

One thing’s for sure. Whether Xiaojun’s wearing a ponytail or not, his visuals are stunning.



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