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WayV’s Ten Tells His Members Not To “Cross The Line”—A Lesson Xiaojun Learned In Their First Meeting

WayV discussed various facts about themselves in their interview on TheKStarNextDoor. At one point, Ten talked in greater detail about the rule he has upheld since pre-debut.

He is very firm that he should be called “hyung” when applicable, the term that younger men use to refer to guys older than them as a sign of respect.

I have one rule. Even if it’s just a year older, I prefer being called a hyung [big brother].

This is the basis of his famous “Don’t cross the line” words that were spoken in a dressing room vlog. Born in 1996, Ten is the second oldest in WayV and thus expects everyone to acknowledge this.

The member who has a vivid memory of being on the receiving end of the stern version of Ten was Xiaojun.

In the ReactToTheK interview, he recalled how their very first meeting in 2018 went. He made the mistake of greeting Ten, someone three years older, in a very casual manner.

When I first came to Korea and met Ten, I was like, ‘Yo, wassup?’

— Xiaojun

Xiaojun grew up watching many foreign movies, thus sprouting his Western-inspired greeting. Ten, knowing it was an innocent mistake, corrected him gently.

He sighed and said I shouldn’t talk to him like that.

— Xiaojun

Instead of feeling down at being scolded, Xiaojun was grateful for the older member’s guidance. He quickly became more attuned to the respectful culture of South Korea and blended in more easily.

That’s when I learned it. He taught me the culture.

— Xiaojun

Check out the full video below to learn more about them.




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