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Weverse Live Has Now Uploaded Artists’ Old V LIVEs And Fans Are Voicing Their Concerns About The Change

After HYBE acquired V LIVE, Weverse announced that the app would gradually integrate V LIVE’s features starting on July 18. Until the end of 2022, V LIVE users would be able to continue to use the app; after 2022, they would have to use Weverse’s interface, including Weverse Live.

Many artists on Weverse have already started using Weverse Live, which has received mixed reactions from netizens. Although there are some upgrades that netizens hope Weverse will add to their videos, there are also more serious issues that netizens have been demanding answers for.

For instance, many fans of TXT voiced their outrage when they realized how long it took Weverse Live to add subtitles to their videos, which inhibited many international fans from being able to watch the content. For example, this V LIVE of Taehyun from July 30, 2022, which was later uploaded to Weverse Live, does have subtitles…

Taehyun’s V LIVE with subtitles on Weverse Live | Weverse

But this group Weverse Live from August 3, 2022, does not.

TXT’s Weverse Live, which does not have subtitles | Weverse

Since it is now a month later, fans are incredibly frustrated at not being able to watch TXT’s lives.

Despite these complaints, fans of BTS noticed that the transition from V LIVE to Weverse Live is progressing since BTS’s next RUN BTS episode is only being uploaded to Weverse Live.

Similarly, many groups’ fans realized that old V LIVE videos had been transferred to Weverse Live.

Some netizens are happy about the change, arguing that Weverse is a much easier platform to navigate than V LIVE.

But many continue to voice their displeasure, especially concerning translations since they are essential for fans who do not speak Korean.

Other netizens are pointing out difficulties they’ve encountered with Weverse Lives.

And some are sharing concerns about how many viewers can watch the content without the app crashing.

Some netizens are voicing their concern about artists not on Weverse, wondering what will happen with their old V LIVEs and what they will be able to use to broadcast to fans.

Others are also worried about the archived footage from disbanded groups that wouldn’t join Weverse.

Some fans hope their idols will choose other ways to broadcast content even if they have access to Weverse Live.

And some are already wishing V LIVE was back.

What do you think about the move to Weverse Live?

You can read more about the integration here.

Weverse And V LIVE To Officially Begin Merger — V LIVE To Be Fully Integrated Into Weverse By End Of 2022



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