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What Do They Have In Common? The 3 Actors Red Velvet’s Seulgi Picked As Her Ideal Type

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi just opened her own YouTube channel! She drew while answering questions in her first video, opening up about various topics that fans were curious about through the years.

One of these was on her ideal type. Seulgi answered honestly that she tends to like male characters from shows or films that she is into at that moment.

If there’s a character I like on dramas or movies, I’m into that person. So my ideal type keeps changing.


There were three actors who stood out to her the most: Jo Jong Suk (Hospital Playlist)…

Ji Sung (Dr. John)…

…and Son Suk Ku (My Liberation Notes).

These were all actors who played roles featuring characters who persevered at their work.

I used to be a fan of Jo Jung Suk and Ji Sung…I also liked Son Suk Ku.


As such, Seulgi is attracted to someone with a growth mindset. She would also prefer if he were hardworking and able to help her grow as well, just like the actors she mentioned.

Seeing them, I think I like someone who does his best with what’s given. Someone who is good with their work, works hard, and who I can learn from.


Moreover, her ideal type in terms of looks is someone who has monolids like her. She would also forgo a traditionally handsome man for someone who is more charismatic.

My external ideal type is someone with no double eyelid. Rather than someone who looks so fancy and handsome I like people who have their own charms.


Finally, a sweet smile will go a long way with Seulgi!

[I also like someone] with a nice smile.


Check out the full video below to learn more about her.

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