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What Is “Crazy Horse”? Must-Know Facts About The Sexy Cabaret Show Starring BLACKPINK’s Lisa

From its history to ticket prices.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa put the Crazy Horse cabaret show on the map for millions of people worldwide.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

On the other hand, many Parisians and theater connoisseurs have long been aware of the iconic brand that is Crazy Horse. It is, after all, one of the most renowned cabaret shows around.

1. What is the Crazy Horse?

At its core, Crazy Horse is a cabaret—theatrical entertainment mainly featuring singing and dancing. It was started by businessman Alain Bernardin in 1951 and historically also includes magicians, jugglers, and mimes in between sets of dancing.

Today it is known for its stage shows performed by semi-nude female dancers and for its inclusion of magic in between each set.

| Crazy Horse

2. What makes it different?

Crazy Horse is famous in the cabaret scene for its unique mix of seduction and sophistication. It prides itself in highlighting the artistic beauty of their dancers. Though they perform topless in most performances, they do so in a way that certain viewers claim does not objectify them.

The main element that separates Crazy Horse Cabaret from the other shows is its commitment to celebrating the female form in all its beauty and elegance. With tasteful nudity and breathtaking choreography, the show emphasizes the sensuality of performers without objectifying them. The dancers’ confidence, grace, and impeccable timing create an impressive spectacle that leaves the public in awe.

— Paris Tours

3. What does Lisa perform?

Lisa is a guest performer who appears in both group and solo acts dressed in the iconic colorful wigs of the Crazy Horse dance crew.

| Crazy Horse

Part of her solo sets include her renditions of the iconic “But I am a Good Girl“…

…and “Crisis? What Crisis !?!” from the show’s history.

4. What do audience members need to know?

Filming Rules

Unfortunately, audience members are not allowed to take videos of the private event. BLINKs shared their experience with security guards confiscating their phones and placing them in magnetic boxes until the end of the 90-minute show.

| @crazyhorseparis_official/Instagram

Ticket Prices

A single, non-dining ticket to the Crazy Horse show starts at 115 EUR (around $121 USD). A bottle of champagne will add another 20 EUR to the bill (around $21 USD) while a private experience will cost 295 EUR (around $313 USD).

| Crazy Horse

Only a limited number of tickets are available at a time.

| Crazy Horse


The theater is located at 12 Avenue George V, Paris, in view of the Eiffel Tower and Champs-Élysées.

| Crazy Horse
| Crazy Horse

Dress Code

Unlike what some may believe, the dress code to the Crazy Horse show is not limited to formal wear. Though evening gowns are welcomed, most show up in smart-casual clothing.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa will be performing at the “Totally Crazy!” Crazy Horse shows on September 28, 29, and 30.

Read more about it below.

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Source: Paris Tickets and Le Crazy Horse Paris




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