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What TWICE Nayeon’s Diet Is Like When She Has A Packed Schedule

It’s not too restricting.

In the world of K-Pop, looking slim is an industry standard. Idols often feel the pressure to stay in shape, so companies usually put them on strict diets, limiting the quantity of food they can eat in a day.

In a recent episode of K Survival Story during a chat between DAY6‘s Young K and TWICE‘s Nayeon, the topic of dieting came up.

Nayeon | @nayeonyny/Instagram
Young K | @from_youngk/Instagram

Young K asked Nayeon about whether she eats freely or not when she has work activities. The “POP!” singer admitted she enjoys eating whatever she likes as she has a hard time restricting herself.

However, she makes sure to watch her diet when she needs to lose weight. One thing she always does is avoiding late-night snacks.

  • Young K: So do you eat freely even during activities or do you manage your diet?
  • Nayeon: I’m not the type to resist eating what I really want.
  • Young K: Really?
  • Nayeon: When I need to slim down or head towards a certain direction, that’s when I manage my diet. Like never eating late at night.

Afterwards, Young K asked her to choose between different desserts like ice cream, chocolate, jelly, snacks, and bread.

Laughing, she surprised everyone by revealing she actually isn’t a big fan of sweets! But one thing she can’t completely give up is ice cream as she always makes sure to have one in her fridge.

  • Young K: Out of desserts like ice cream, chocolate, jelly, snacks, bread—if you give up one you’ll get a hundred million won each. What would you give up?
  • Nayeon: Actually, I don’t like sweet things that much. I think I can give them all up. But ice cream… I can’t live without ice cream forever. It’s always in my freezer.

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