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Where Is He Now? The Idol-Turned-Actor Who Was Criticized For Being “Rude AF” To His Co-Star

He also faced criticism for his treatment of a senior K-Pop idol.

While active as a member of TOP Media‘s boy group UP10TION, Lee Jin Hyuk made his acting debut in the 2020 K-Drama Find Me in Your Memory. He was nominated for “Best New Actor” because of the role but ended up in a controversy over his treatment of his co-star.

Lee Jin Hyuk in “Find Me in Your Memory.”

When his co-stars Kim Seul Gi and Moon Ga Young held an Instagram live, the actresses stayed in character as their Find Me in Your Memory roles. So Kim Seul Gi referred to her on-screen lover, Lee Jin Hyuk, as “babe” when saying goodbye to viewers. Despite the two playing a couple on-screen, fans didn’t like the actress calling Lee Jin Hyuk “babe.

Lee Jin Hyuk and Kim Seul Gi in “Find Me in Your Memory.”

Lee Jin Hyuk also held a live broadcast where he revealed that Kim Seul Gi had apologized to him and how he was ready to “let it go.” His words immediately received harsh criticism from netizens who said he was “rude AF”  and “sounded like he has attitude problems.” Lee Jin Hyuk eventually apologized to Kim Seul Gi but landed in hot water once again for his behavior.

Two years later, Lee Jin Hyuk was criticized for his “rude” treatment of Red Velvet‘s Wendy when he was a guest on her radio show Wendy’s Young Street. Netizens called him out for repeatedly commenting on Wendy’s appearance and snapping his fingers at a senior artist.

Despite Lee Jin Hyuk’s behavior, the criticism hasn’t stopped the actor from getting roles. He appeared in the 2020 mini-drama Check Out the Event and landed roles in Why Her? and Dear.M two years later.

He’s also been a fixed cast member or host on multiple shows like Tobob Love, Godfather, and 9low on Top. Lee Jin Hyuk even departed UP10TION in 2023, along with five other members.

The Korean panelists for “9low On Top.” | ShowMade Thailand

And in 2024, Lee Jin Hyuk is living happily. The actor has shared photos of himself going to Seoul Fashion Week, snowboarding, and traveling in Europe.

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