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Why A JYP Entertainment Training Teacher Cuts All Contact With K-Pop Idols After Their Debut

“I do not keep in contact at all.”

SG Wannabe member Lee Seok Hoon recently traveled to JYP Entertainment‘s headquarters to speak with the “Big 3” company’s employees and K-Pop idols for the popular show SSULPLY.

Guided by TWICE‘s leader Jihyo, he was able to speak with a few of the influential figures within the company.

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During the episode, they were able to speak with a member of JYP Entertainment’s rookie development training team, who Jihyo revealed “raised us,” referring to herself as a trainee and the trainees who have followed.

The training team member revealed it was her 12th year with the company and that she worked with Jihyo, who had joined the company years before her.

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The training team member spilled on some of the difficulties that came with her job, and she admitted it becomes difficult when the trainees “don’t listen” to her.

She shared that the expectations of the K-Pop idol trainees are very similar to school students, with the trainees expected to turn in homework and arrive on time.

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She and the development team are a large part of the lives of trainees, guiding them and teaching them in preparation for their debut through what many idols describe as a trying and difficult time in their lives due to the demands of trainee life.

Despite this, she revealed that she personally cuts contact with trainees after they make their debut. When Lee Seok Hoon asked why, she revealed it’s because she feels her job is done once an idol debuts.

Furthermore, she acknowledges that the former trainee has entered into a completely “different atmosphere” after debuting, and while many want to “rely on the past” and “complain,” she feels they need to face obstacles and challenges by themselves instead.

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She revealed that the more she felt connected to a trainee, the more distance she created between them after their debut.

Check out more on the inner workings of JYP Entertainment in the SSULPLY episode below!




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