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4th Generation K-Pop Girl Group Hires Fansite As Global Marketing Manager, Earning Praise From Netizens

Their new global marketing manager shares how it happened.

Among each K-Pop fandom are fans who dedicate their time to updating fellow fans on news about the artists, their official schedules, and often provide translations of content for international fans.

While it’s done voluntarily, the time commitment and effort it takes to efficiently keep fans updated can quickly become a job in and of itself.

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One fan of the 4th-generation K-Pop girl group We;Na (formerly known as CLIP) was running a global fanbase account for the group when she earned the attention of their CEO and the members themselves.

The attention and subsequent connection formed through the fan’s dedication and support for the group led to her becoming the official manager of We;Na’s global marketing department, as recently announced in an official notice from the group’s company, RBC Amusement.

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Following the announcement, We;Na’s new global marketing manager, Angie (Global We;Na), shared exactly how her connection with the group formed in a touching story about how she went from fan to manager.

In a TikTok video, Angie shared that she came across We;Na before they debuted, and was excited to finally be a pre-debut stan.

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The group began liking her DMs, which led RBC Amusement’s CEO Rebecca Han to follow Angie on Twitter and Instagram. That escalated to a series of exchanges between the then-fansite manager and the company CEO, which moved to KakaoTalk, including insider info about the group and snippets of their upcoming songs from other staff members.

Han then expressed her wish that Angie would be with the group for a long time, asking her to become their global marketing manager.

Part of a DM Angie shared between her and Rebecca Han | @globalwena/TikTok
Part of a KakaoTalk exchange between Angie and Rebecca Han | @globalwena/TikTok

Heartwarmingly, Angie earned the attention of the We;Na members’ parents, who sent their gratitude to Angie, along with childhood photos of the members who are currently chasing their dreams.

Of course, the members gave Angie a personal shoutout too.

| @globalwena/TikTok
| @globalwena/TikTok
| @globalwena/TikTok

Member Wony‘s dad sweetly promised to buy Angie “delicious food” when she is able to visit Korea.

Yeonseo‘s mom even offered to send Angie, who lives in Spain, the members’ autographs.

| @globalwena/TikTok
| @globalwena/TikTok

Angie concluded that the group “changed [her] life for good,” and their journey together is only beginning.

Netizens shared their supportive messages for Angie and the group, praising the company’s progressive move to hire a fansite manager for We;Na’s global marketing.

Congratulations to Angie!

Check out We;Na’s recent single “QUEEN” below!

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