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5th-Gen Idol’s “Bad Boy” Full Leather Look Goes Viral, Netizens Surprised By His Image Change

K-Pop fans are no strangers to the transformative power of fashion and styling, but when RIIZE‘s Anton stepped out in a full leather ensemble at Gimpo International Airport — the internet was set ablaze with buzz. Known for his clean-cut image and innocent charm, Anton’s shift to a “bad boy” look has fans and netizens alike doing a double-take.

| @riize_official/Instagram

Earlier today, Anton was spotted alongside his labelmates from SM Entertainment as they prepared to depart to Tokyo for the much-anticipated SMCU@TOKYO family concert. The airport — often a runway for idols to showcase their off-duty style — became the backdrop for Anton’s striking transformation.

| @riize_official/Instagram

While the gathered celebrities each had their unique flair, it was Anton’s leather look that stole the spotlight.

anton leather

Gone were the soft sweaters and cozy beanies that had become synonymous with Anton’s style. Instead, he commanded attention in a tailored leather jacket, matching pants, and chunky boots — exuding a cool, nonchalant vibe that marked a stark departure from his usual warm and casual attire.

anton 240220 1  

anton 240220

Photos of the RIIZE star quickly spread like wildfire, with one particular post on TheQoo skyrocketing to over 20,000 views, accompanied by hundreds of comments. Fans and netizens alike were buzzing with excitement, many expressing their surprise and approval of Anton’s “image change.”

The discussion wasn’t limited to praise, as many also speculated about what this change meant for Anton’s future activities. Could this be a hint at a new concept for RIIZE’s upcoming comeback? Or was it simply a personal style choice?

What’s clear is that Anton’s bold fashion statement has not just captured imaginations but has also sparked a conversation about the fluidity of idol images in the K-Pop industry. As netizens eagerly await to see more sides of the RIIZE star, Anton’s leather look stands as a testament to his ability to keep the public guessing and engaged.



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